My introduction to raw food veganism

I met up with my buddy over some tea and a snack at a local cafe in Victoria, B.C.  Cafe Bliss, unbeknownst to me, introduced me to raw food. I thought it was just vegan but it is so much more.  I chose this place because I wanted to eat somewhere and not get sick later on. The cafe advertises as being gluten, dairy, and egg free etc.

As my friend and I are catching up, she all of a sudden exclaims that her tea is cold. I assumed we had been talking for so long that it went cold and suggested asking them to warm it up.  She’s not too concerned and comments that she will not pay that much money ever again for cold tea!  As we chat, I start checking out food items on the menu and decide I would like to try and make some of these items at home.  I am on a budget and cannot afford to eat their more expensive menu on a regular basis.  As luck would have it they offered a recipe book!  It’s called ‘Blissful’ by Heather Cunliffe.

Days later, as I’m thumbing through my new read I realized that there is absolutely no cooking and/or baking.  WTF?!?!? How can this be? Will it taste good? Just then I understood why my friends’ tea was lukewarm!  This new way of eating had blown my mind. I was in complete amazement that someone can “cook” like this and create a successful business with such a drastically different lifestyle than we are used to.  However, the recipes looked delicious and I decided to give something simple a try first.  I am not a self-proclaimed chef by any means but after my first recipe success, I decided that I can make great vegan raw food.  It would be nice if the book advertised the difficulty level of some of the recipes.  Some are extremely simple while others are complex in ingredients and equipment.  I do not have the dehydrator, so I do cheat and melt a few things via microwave.  I figure I’m not about being a raw food vegan but I am about eating healthier and taking small steps in doing so.

Cafe Bliss is my small step to a more controlled diet with lots of variety. I’m not just finding a replacement for a cheeseburger, I am looking for the alternative side of food that has been forgotten through our mainstream diet.

Chocolate Torte!

Chocolate Torte!

This was extremely fun to make. I amazed myself with this more complex recipe. Be aware that there is a lot of food prep involved with these recipes.  For example, many of the recipes require nuts which need to be soaked for 6+ hours.  It takes some adjusting to and you will soon find a rhythm by planning ahead and setting up your ingredients the night before.

I recommend the tomato soup (it is heated by adding hot water just before blending then served immediately), almond hummus, and the Bliss Kiss chocolates.  These are all simple recipes and very yummy!

Give this way of eating a try. I challenge you!



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